Most businesses struggle to find


Have you ever asked yourself:

Where will I find time to market my business while I’m running my business?

What more could I be doing to generate sales?

Am I spending my dollars on the right tools and vendors?

How do I know who to trust?

You’re in the right place!

My name is Brett Fish, and as a fellow small business owner, I face those same questions and challenges. That’s why I took the tools, systems, and skills I’ve used to run marketing campaigns for agencies and big brands and built a framework for businesses to help them maximize their marketing efforts.

I help businesses that want to generate more leads and sales, but are stalled or struggling with their current marketing efforts. I utilize the amazing targeting and engagement capabilities of social advertising to reach ideal potential customers, and cutting-edge marketing tools and processes to ensure they convert into paying customers.

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My Story

After growing up on the beautiful island of Guam, I moved to Portland, Oregon to go to college and earn my Marketing degree. After graduating, I jumped right into the marketing world in Sports Marketing at Nike managing events like the Little League World Series and the NCAA Final Four.

In 2012 I accepted the challenge of developing and delivering digital marketing services for a national group of more than 1,000 local businesses. I found great satisfaction working with those business owners and seeing the tangible, positive impact our marketing efforts made on their bottom line.

Now I help businesses of all sizes generate more leads and sales using those same proven strategies, tools, and systems. I’d love to learn about your business, your goals, and how we can elevate your results with smarter marketing.